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We are passionate about coffee so whether you're in search of a rich-bold espresso to go, a warming latte to enjoy all to yourself or a creamy cappuccino to mull over with friends, our coffee menu is brimming with caffeine choices that will satisfy every coffee aficionado's quest. ... See MoreSee Less
Saturday = pastel de natas! Freshly baked to pastry perfection, they're causing quite the commotion. Sunshine bright and sensationally zingy, these creamy, caramelised custard bakes are the best antidote to a mid-afternoon energy slump. So, pop into your nearest Cornish Bakery and buy plenty of these really rather marvellous Portuguese custard tarts - we'll see you shortly. ... See MoreSee Less
How do we like our pastries in the morning? Gorgeously golden and utterly flawless! Add a takeaway Union Hand-Roasted Coffee to go and bon appétit! ... See MoreSee Less
Autumn is upon us which means juicy, ripe apples are in abundance. As pasty pioneers, we love to innovate and our sumptuously sweet pasties are a flavour explosion that never disappoint. Made using British apples with slices of gently stewed rhubarb and drizzled with creamy, rich custard, we've created a pasty like no other. If you haven’t tried our sweet pasty, you’re in for a terrific treat! Order a box straight to your front door with our Pasties by Post service, pop them into the oven and delve into the taste of autumn from the comfort of your home.Order yours here > bit.ly/2TABVC9 ... See MoreSee Less
Working from home and need a change of scenery? Our irresistible freshly brewed Union Hand-Roasted Coffee and WiFi will draw you in and that's before you've seen the endless treats to fuel you through all those continuous emails. With plentiful plug sockets, our bakeries are conducive productive workspaces that you’ll be thankful you left the kitchen table for! Open daily from 8am - 6pm. Find your nearest bakery > bit.ly/2IrUHJE and let the work commence. ... See MoreSee Less
C'est magnifique! When you're looking for something special to start your day, it has to be The Cornish Bakery. Our fabulous French pastries are exceptionally exquisite from the crisp golden outer shells to the tender pillowy centres. Whether you choose rich chocolate, perfectly plain, plump raisins or irresistible raspberry, each variety is freshly baked every day to make sure you'll be enjoying something delightfully decadent at your breakfast table. Which one (or two) will you choose? ... See MoreSee Less
This is no ordinary pudding! This is our extra-ordinarily delicious Cornish Pudding that’s a heavenly delight for the tastebuds. Made using a closely guarded Cornish Bakery recipe that we only divulge to our expert team of bakers. It's a unique twist on the classic comfort, Bread & Butter Pudding. A fusion of flavours with buttery French pastries encased in creamy custard topped with fresh raspberries and plump juicy blueberries sprinkled with white chocolate chunks that melt when baked making this simply irresistible. Have you tried our melt in the mouth pud? ... See MoreSee Less
Chocolate for breakfast? Absolutely, yes please! Few things are more comforting than the first chocolatey bite of our tremendously buttery and famously light, flaky Chocolate Croissants. These traditional French croissants are so loved that our dedicated expert team of bakers rise really early to make sure our breakfasters have freshly baked and warm-out-the-oven pastries every day. And frankly, that's the only way it should be! Treat yourself or loved ones to a morning of deliciousness at home or inside one of our cosy bakeries. ... See MoreSee Less
Go back a few thousand years and the humble scone was as flat and large as a medium size plate. Fast forward to the present and our rotund scones are one of our all time favourite items on our menu. Not only are they utterly heavenly but we've elevated the traditional humble scone recipe with some delicious Cornish Bakery additions. Choose between perfectly plain to sweet and fruity, both make a cosy partner to a warm pot of tea on a chilly day. If you prefer savoury scones to sweet, try our melt-in-your-mouth buttery cheese scones. For a light supper, warm in the oven and serve with a lashings of butter and a chunk of mature Cheddar cheese. How will you eat yours...? ... See MoreSee Less