The Travelling Empanada

The pasty, born of true Cornish innovation, was packed into pockets, snaffled into cases and taken travelling over the high seas with the brave ‘Cousin Jacks’, all ready to show the world how to dig out tin, copper and gold. This story has so inspired the innovators in our team that we’ve linked-up with the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site to create our own ‘travelling empanada’ pasty. Based loosely on the idea of a Mexican ‘paste’ mixed with a South American ‘empanada’ our scrumptious recipe is stuffed full with the traditional Cornish beef, diced onion and the best potatoes, just like in the olden days. However we’ve also travelled the taste buds of the world and have added fresh sliced peppers, raisins and tomatoes. A large dash of cumin, chilli flakes, smoked paprika, salt and black pepper fuels a finish flourish. In homage to the empanada, our ‘travelling pasty’ is slightly smaller in size than our other pasties but as ever, maxes out on fabulous flavour.

heritage The Cornish bakery donates 5p from every purchase to Cornish Mining Heritage.