Behind the scenes

Baked before the seagulls wake, The Cornish Bakery pasties are made by hand and cooked fresh daily for the ultimate in tastiness. In the past we hauled up from the Cornish mines to the Cornish artisan bakery so each day we start early in the morning taking deliveries of the very best local ingredients and produce. Whilst you sleep, our Pasty Presto posse are hard at work prepping your delicious snacks.

It is from farms and fields that our proper pasty goodness comes. We’re particularly passionate about the provenance of our pasty ingredients. Beef, potatoes, onions and swede are all sourced from the very best individual farmers, butchers and producers that the contemporary county has to offer. When we cannot source what we need from inside our favourite county, we make like the Cornish Diaspora – brave mining travellers who ventured the seven seas to search for tin, copper and gold – and bring you the very best from across the globe.

So our delicious coffee comes from the incredibly dedicated team at Union, who source the best beans direct from farmers across the world and then painstakingly roast them by hand. And our pastries are injected with the finest French ‘ooh la la’, beautifully developed by our Celtic Breton cousins’ artisan bakers.